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Dr. Hu grew up in a traditional, cultured, educated family in Beijing City of China, however due to the political and cultural revolutions of the time which caused severe anxiety and uncertainty among the populist, Dr. Hu’s family encouraged her to study Traditional Chinese Medicine as means of carrying on the culture and developing a skill that would provide an asset for society and her future.

Dr. Hu was fortunate to share living quarters with an herbal master’s family who had been deemed a “problematic capitalist” and was eager to share and train others in the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Regardless of what was happening in the political environment during this period of time, Dr. Hu, found it was an escape from societal pressures to study Chinese medicine and help the master to prepare herbs after school, and to learn and practice acupuncture in the clinic during school breaks. During this period of cultural revolution, Dr. Hu, as one  of millions of young Chinese,  was sent to a rural area to be re-educated, but she was able to gain more natural healing knowledge from villagers while providing healing for them. She had many opportunities to provide her skills to help people in very rural areas where there was no medicinal clinic. Later this experience allowed her to train “barefoot doctors” for rural areas.

After the cultural revolution ended in the middle to late 1970’s, colleges reopened and millions of young Chinese citizens had the opportunity to take College entrance exams for the first time  in over 10 years. She was admitted to Hebei Medical School where she chose to study Western Medicine to complement her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and allowed her to integrate the two medical traditions and practices. She practiced western medicine for 9 years in China while becoming Chairman of the Department of Cardiology.

After practicing integrated, internal and geriatric medicine with specialization in Cardiology for 9 year, Dr. Hu immigrated to the United States in 1991. While studying for the USMLE (United States Medical License Exams), she has worked in Biotech research in autoimmune and cancer disorders. During this time she published several research papers and was involved in several research trials at the clinical setting.  After passing the USMLE (United States Medical License Exams) in 1997, Dr. Hu completed her doctorate Degree in Oriental Medicine (OMD).

Dr. Hu successfully passed both the National and State of California Boards as licensed acupuncturist and Herbalogist.  Dr. Hu also serves as the President of the California Acupuncture Medical Association of San Diego Chapter.  Dr. Hu currently practices Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA. where she uses her expertise in both Eastern and Western medicine, combined with her passion, wisdom, understanding, philosophy and life style guidance to address a wide realm of health conditions.

Dr. Hu’s first book, Body Without Mystique, provides a basic foundation of the principles for individuals to understand themselves and the natural function and healing of their bodies and mind.  Dr. Hu’s two new books, the TCM Food Therapy for Self Healing and Food Therapy For Well being Longevity and Beauty provides further tools and guidance on the path of natural healing and Longevity.

You can visit my website: www.OMDweb.net

My book website: www.bodywithoutmystique.com

My longevity coaching website: www.mindbodyspiritlongevitycoaching.com


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